Relationships is Akquracy's core Marketing Philosophy - AKQURACY


We’re looking for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

We know both client and agency bring different qualities to the relationship—qualities which are rarely balanced. But our philosophy is that we believe they can be. Our best work is born from a true collaboration between our clients and us. We’re so sure of this that we work to align our own economic interests with a client’s in order to share both the risks and the rewards, focusing on results in our approach and compensation model.

If you’re not constantly improving, why even get out of bed?

Curiosity is in the DNA of everyone at AKQURACY. Each employee at every level has a thirst for learning and an incentive to investigate. As we take on new assignments, we use that curiosity to ask and answer tough questions, and get smarter about the customer and the marketplace. Doing so allows us to think before and beyond the sale.

Build a global network, but don’t forget your roots.

In our highly integrated and mobile world, human connection no longer relies on physical proximity. So we don’t limit ourselves to what’s immediately doable. Instead we ask, what’s possible? And the answer to that, of course, is anything. That’s our philosophy. It keeps us busy here at home (as part of the Minneapolis ad community, we’re helping revitalize the Northeast corridor of downtown) and in our new Asia Pacific office in Singapore