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Our marketing strategies are based on real customer behaviors.

Email. Web sites. Mobile devices. Direct mail. Today’s consumers expect a consistent, unified experience. This need for coordinated, multi-channel marketing makes communicating with them a complicated business.

We provide turnkey, single-source marketing communications designed to create consistent engagement: one-to-one targeted messaging combined with flawless production and execution. Using MASS CUSTOMIZATION, we deploy messages based on dynamic analysis of behaviors across channels.

We’re experts at maximizing impact.

We determine executions based on the customers to whom we’re speaking and your desired results. And we build programs that speak with a single voice to the customer, creating and sending compelling, consistent messages. Our touch points are developed with an understanding of an individual’s needs, so the customer receives your message at the exact time he or she is most receptive to it.
Approach to Marketing - Akquracy

Success relies on building relationships.

Perfectly timed interactions trump campaigns plotted on a calendar. Relevant conversations surpass message blasts. Ultimately, marketing is about people, not numbers. Our fully integrated platform offers you the power to grow and evolve customer interactions rapidly and accurately in the form of highly targeted messages sent at the right time, in the right channel.